Vandal12 Sockpuppets
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Sockpuppetry, Vandalism

Vandal12 is a notorious vandal, with many aliases.

Bubbubbub Edit

Bubbubbub is an annoying blogger that continues to lie and disrespect authority. He himself has no record of Vandalism but has annoyed many users.

BobManiac15 Edit

After 10 unproductive edits BobManiac15 claimed the wiki as if he was a wiki god. He set up strange speeches which got on the admin's nerves. He has little record of vandalism also.

Buttongoo Edit

Buttongoo traveled from the LEGO Indiana Jones wiki and ended up editing on Brickipedia. He started the infamous rumor of the LEGO Woody's head being made of oak wood.

Clone66782299886654992 Edit

Clone66782299886654992 is actually a good user but within his productive edits he hides secret vandalism. Most of his vandalism is still unnoticed and untouched today on Brickipedia. His long name was also invented to annoy users.

Elder Fox Edit

Elder Fox claims to be a 70 year old teacher who buys LEGO products for his grandchildren every week. He was invented to fool his brothers Lego lord and Agent Swipe who were fooled until he was discovered to be one of the various sock puppets. He has never committed any vandalism.

Fingertoe Edit

Fingertoe is a strange user who seems to be in love with Kingcjc. He does not spell well, but looks like a spelling genius as compared to Vandal12 his other alias. He also started off on the LEGO Indiana Jones wiki.

Vandal12 Edit

Vandal12 is one of the most annoying users across Wikia in most respects. He acts as if he has no brain and he spells as if he is typing with his feet. As most people would spell "I love you" he would spell "eye luvv uwe hdfsbh". He also states the obvious on pages and deletes content. He is a boss in LBTVG.