The MEGA THREATS are Three MEGA BLOK villains. they are bosses in LEGO Brickipedia 3: Revenge Of The Outcasts.

Mega Halo Edit

Mega halo is a halo figure gone massive. he has 3 attacks:

Laser gun: fires a laser

grab shot: Grabs you and fires a laser at your head

Laser whack: whacks you with a laser

Ultra blok being Edit

Ulra blok being is a Pile of mega bloks turned into a monster by Mega Halo. he has 1 attack: Blok smash: slams you with mega bloks

Mega knight Edit

Mega knight is a mega bloks knight and the DRAGON MAHSTOR's minion. he has 2 attacks: Slash: Slashes at you with a sword

Sheild charge: charges at you with a sheild