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Volcam is now leading his armies across Wikitopia and destorying anything in their way to attack Brickipedia, and the Brick Republic, lead by Bob Bricks, to take over the world of Wikia. You must word togather to help take down the evil Vanil armies, and the evil Mega Bloks armies, and defeat the BOSS, and save all of Wikia.


Area 1: The WikitpoiaEdit

Boss: MEGAMan

Area 2: BrickitopiaEdit

Boss: MEGAMoanster

Area 3: The Wiki-Wastes jungleEdit

Boss: MasterMega

Area 4: The Wiki-Wastes infernoEdit

Boss: MEGAMan Clone

Area 5: BrickipediaEdit

Bosses: The MEGATHREATS Master

Area 6: Brick RepublicEdit

Boss:King MegaBloks

AREA 7:Mega Bloks Castle

Boss:Mega Bloks Clones

AREA 8:Mega Bloks Land

Boss:Mega Bloks Monster

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