LEGO Brickipedia: The Videogame is the first game in the best-selling LEGO Brickipedia game series.


This games features:

  • A shop where you can buy upgrades to your character as well as vehicles, weapons, Etc.
  • A semi-multiplayer game system. Some of the game is multiplayer, but when you enter a level, you're on your own.
  • An intelligent level system. There are three areas (series of) levels (plus a boss level), but no matter which one you start with it will be the easiest, (enemys have less health, Etc.) and the last one you play will always be the hardest.

The levelsEdit

Era#1-Vandal Levels: 20 levels.

Era#2-Wikia Staff Levels: 20 levels.

Era#3-Spambot Levels: 20 levels.

Era#4-The final battle: One level.


You are an editor on Brickipedia (which one is up to you), and you are trying to protect the wiki from spammers, wikia members, and vandals, all the while trying to avoid the evil cabal of bureaucrats and admins. After you manage to defeat the three "external" threats,you will go to Bakugan Valley Defeat the Bakugan gang then go to Dragonspyre defeat Malistere,you must then enter the "final battle" area and face the ultimate boss, Ultimate Alcimantri. If you succeed in defeating Ult. Alcimantri, and ban him to the netherworld, you celebrate your let our guard down. You are then gunned down and banned by CJC95, and the game ends with a big "TO BE CONTINUED".