The gameplay of LEGO Brickipedia: The Video Game is a gameplay of total awesomeness! In the game, you can choose to be a Brickipedian or Vandal, Good or Evil, LIGHT OR SHADOW!!!, RED OR PURPLE!!!!!!!


Vandals Edit

(Also called "Wikia Contributers") Vandals are the image of pure evil!! They are like the Maelstrom from LEGO Universe. EVIL!! The Vandals do Vandalistic things, such as:

  • Mess up pages
  • Do illegal things
  • Say bad things about the game
  • Try to get banned the most to get on the top Vandal Chart
  • Mess with users pages
  • And um....... vandal!!!

Brickipedians Edit

There are three categories of Brickipedians, in order from highest to lowest:
To play as a Brickipedians, you must either log in on your account or make an account on the game and be one of the already Users, Admins, or Editors. The Brickipedians do good things such as:
1.Stop Vandals
2.Undo edits by Vandals.
3.Give out ideas.

Admins Edit

Admins are the supreme overlords of LBPV. Jobs of Admins:

  • Reject ideas
  • Ban Vandals
  • Insult all
  • Edit others' accounts
  • Ban sockpuppet
  • Be annoying
  • Bash other admins
  • Complain that they do all the work